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f r i e n d s only ! ! !

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{Despite appearance, this journal is f r i e n d s    o n l y}

comment for the good stuff

I'm nice. I'll add you, probably.

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OMIGOD! SO CUTE *ovaries explode*

I totally agree.
Adorable ♥

Are you keeping all old f-listers (even bad commenters like me) or do we need to ask to be (re)added? *anxious*
Is it freakish that I don't much like pictures of babies? Lil' kids, yeah, chipped-toothed and evil and always beautiful.... but babies? Meh.

Anyway. Have you not been flocked before now? Why are becoming flocked now? Have you been asked to join the FBI (Berlin Headquarters) and forced to kill a man and now have to tell the world but cannot do so because if the FBI finds you out, they'll have you demolished (your victim's crime was myspace. You killed him with a lolcatgun. A Fitting end, I'd say.)? Cause if yes, then.... add me. Against all proof of the opposite, I'm nice and trustable too.
Hello. I see you are in a different Harry Potter community and I was hoping you would check out a new community I just created. If you this unwanted I can delete it right away but I do hope you check it out! Thanks. =)

hey fellow wingnut! i've seen you on the west wing fan groups and would love to have you as a friend over at my journal. add me?
Just dropping by to say I'm sorry for all the wankage in fanfic_rants you were subject to. I appreciate your edit to your post.

That's why I never post there... *sigh*

My ovaries just massively spazzed out. What a cute picture.

I have a built in fangirl icon. Do I qualify?