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fic or treat!

comment with the fandom/internet equivalent of candy: fic, drabble, graphics, funny links, recipes etc.


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Let's try anonymous!candy. And you can guess who it's from. It wouldn't be fair if you got all the sweets and none of the sweat, would it now?
Um. Okay, sure. Go!
Oh, that's so cute!

Hm. Fic. Well, how about some Harry/Ginny drabbleage? It takes place soon after The Deathly Hallows.

She wonders if he knows why she loves him.

There's so many obvious answers. First, he was her idol when she was a young girl; it was Harry this, Harry that. She was fascinated that there was a boy her age - well, Ron's age - who'd defeated a "really bad man."

But Ginny outgrew that around her third year of Hogwarts; he became a real person, a person who barely knew her, a nice bloke who loved Cho Chang.

Perhaps it is his heroism. But as brilliant as Harry is, it doesn't seem fair to still worship him only for that; that is what girls like Romilda Vane do.

Maybe it is more.

Ginny sits next to him on the couch, watching him sleep. He stirs, and she touches his arm. Harry seems to relax.

Maybe she loves him because he is kind to Luna, even friends with her, despite clearly not having understood her when they first met. Maybe she loves that he is a hero because he refuses to just accept things for what they are.

Or maybe, Ginny thinks, she doesn't need a reason.
Speaking of cute.... *melts*

Very, very sweet. Thank you!! YAY CANDY! :)
*squee* Fic or treat!

How about something starring the Ravenclaw door knocker :D
"What came first, the Phoenix or the flame?"

"Oh, you've got to be bloody joking!" Fresh tears welled up, got caught in her throat. "I don't know. I don't know anything- I'm the most horrible Ravenclaw ever! I'm failing all my classes and I'm about to be kicked off the Quidditch team, and everyone thinks it's because I'm still upset because my boyfriend was MURDERED, but if that's true, then why would I go around snogging Harry Bloody Potter?" She sniffed dramatically. "He doesn't even fancy me, probably. He didn't even have the good grace to ask me out." Peering at the door with annoyance, she repeated: "I don't know, all right? I'll just stay here until someone deserves to be in this House comes out and lets me in."

To her surprise, the door swung open. "The wisest man knows that he knows nothing," the voice said, calmly. And if door knockers could smile, at that moment, this one would have.

Happy Halloween!
Heh heh heh. Oh man, power to the door knocker. :D
Fic or treat! :)
Drabbletreat for you, okay? Your userinfo said you liked Fleur...

"Maman! J'ai changé mon mind again about my costume!"

"Victoire, cherie, what have I told you about speaking only one language?" Fleur frowned down at her daughter, her pale cheeks bright red from the wind outside, her eyes wide and hopeful.

"Oui, je- I mean, yeah, I know." Victoire grinned up at her mother with the trademark Weasley sheepish grin. "Anyway, Granny says Louise wants to be a princess too, and I don't want to have the same costume as my little cousin!"

Fleur sighed, thinking of the beautiful, Renaissance-style princess-dress she'd spent most of the morning making, both conjuring and sewing. "Bien. What do you want to be, then?"

Victoire stuck out her tongue, apparently deep in thought. "Could I be... oh, Maman! Could I be Rowenna Ravenclaw?"

Fleur smiled. Victoire had been reading to her from Hogwarts: A Children's History ever since Auntie Hermione and Luna had published it two months ago.
Twenty minutes and some serious color-changing charms later, Victoire was delightedly parading the Renaissance dress, which had gone from violently pink and purple to a much more subdued blue and bronze, around the living room of Shell Cottage.

"Regarde-moi, Angelique! J'ai le vraiment air d'une fondatrice, non?" Her little sister, whom Bill had dressed up as a goblin as a joke, gurgled up at Victoire happily. Fleur smirked to herself, thinking that this girl would finally be the one breaking the Weasley's all-Gryffindor streak for good.


Happy Halloween! In case you don't speak French, Victoire says: "Look at me, Angelique, I really look like a founder, don't I?" At least that's what she's supposed to say- I haven't taken French since my sophomore year of High School!
Thank you! This is cute :) I am taking French right now, so I have an idea what's going on. And I've always thought Victoire would be a Ravenclaw. :)
Fic or treat! :)
Weeell, since according to your userinfo you like Rent, the first thing I'm going to pop into your bag is the link to the most. hilarious. pottersue. ever.


I thought you might also enjoy:


Happy Halloween!
Fic or Treat!
Fic or Treat!
I forgot to trick-or-treat over here!! :(.

Fic or treat? :D
Sure! You wanna give me a prompt? My mind is kinda ded from teh nano-ing. XD
Let's have some Bella or Moody, shall we? x) (Or.. crack shipping ahaha.)
Sorry this is so late!! I fail. Anyway, this was inspired by DD's comment about how Bella "plays with her food before she eats it". ENJOY!


Six-year-old Bellatrix pushed her peas back into her mash. "Ada!" She whispered, giggling. "Look, it's a mountain. With little green sheep!" she added, pointing at the peas.

Andromeda lapsed into a fit of giggles, reaching out a pudgy hand. "Sheep?" She attempted to "pet" the peas, which earned her only a hand covered in mash-and-gravy goo. "Oops." She said, dejectedly.

Milton the house-elf, who had been fussing over baby Narcissa, clucked his tongue disapprovingly. It was Milton's job to supervise the children at dinner and then get them ready for bed, something the girls hated almost as much as he did. "Oh, Miss Ada, will Miss Ada ever learn not to eat without being messy? And Miss Bella must finish her peas!" He squeaked, longing to get back to the kitchens and the feat he was cooking for his master and mistress once the girls were in bed.

"I don't want your stupid peas," Bella snapped. "They're yucky."

"Yucky," Andromeda copied. "Ada want pudding, Milton. Please?"

"Miss Ada knows that there is no pudding until you finish your peas," Milton said. "They're not yucky at all."

"They're yucky," Bella insisted, using her fingers to trace a smiley-face into her mash.

"No peas, no pudding," Milton said, shrugging. "Milton is sorry, Miss Bella. And Miss Bella must learn not to play with her food before she eats it."